About us

I always wondered why those cool motives for Kids T-Shirts like Dinosaurs, Cars and Fire Trucks are only reserved for Kids and not adults like me. I want colors, I want fire trucks. I want cute dinosaurs on my shirt, too. So I changed that and printed shirt #1 all by myself. The first Shirt I made were for my two sons, Otis and Jannis, and me and it had those colorful Dinosaurs on them.



That same day we went for a stroll around the city. Man, let me tell you. It felt so good wearing the same cool stuff as my sons. I was hyped. They were hyped. And the people noticed, too. We got so many compliments that day. And it felt good to show the world that we are a team. That we stick together.  That we belong together. That was the beginning of "Daddys & Sons". Now we design even phone cases and backpacks thanks to our friendly Print-on-Demand-Supplier. Many of the designs you see are from direct order from my two sons, Otis (6) and Jannis (3). The just come up with crazy ideas all the time. And I love it.

I hope one day that I can not only give shirts to my sons, but maybe a small company, where people work for a honest wage and create shirts that make people happy.